Working With Me

There are a few things you need to get started…
  1. Desire to help others
  2. Positive and open mindset
  3. Eagerness to learn
Did you check those off as you read them? Great!
I would love to chat and fill you in a bit more on your options for starting out! 
Scroll down to see some FAQs and sign up for a consult! 

Frequently Asked Questions

My main purpose is to help others achieve their goals. Whether they are looking to improve their health, build a business, or something else, I work one on one with individuals and provide plans to help them achieve their dreams. 

Day to day, I stick to my own health plan, chat with clients, provide valuable blog posts/ newsletters with helpful information, put together plans, and do all the fun desk-work things required when you own your own business. 

Occasionally, I host pop-up groups, attend events as a vendor, and travel to conventions. I send out invites to these events via my newsletter so be sure you subscribe at the bottom of this page so you don’t miss out! 


Okay, not really anyone… 

More, anyone over the age of 18, who wants guidance on reaching their health goals! 

Of course! My only requirement when it comes to client selection is that you must be over the age of 18, and ready to make a change for the better! 

Nope! I spent years learning about biology, biochemistry, and the other details of how things interact in the body on different levels. I don’t expect you to have that level of knowledge at the ready.

That’s why I provide training: one-on-one, group, and video/articles you can do on your own. 

These are optional, and provided to help your succeed if you choose to pursue your business potential! 

This can get a little specific depending on your situation. Simply fill out the form below to schedule your free consultation and I’ll fill you in! 

This is my favorite part! You can get started with no upfront cost!

While this is a great option if you want to just test out the waters, there are limits to starting with the free option. 

If you are ready to cannonball in, there are options that start at $249 and open up multiple ways to earn! 

I would love to review these options in more details with you and help your decide what is the best choice for you! 

Register for your free consult below and let’s chat!